Our product range includes a wide range of top quality yet affordable series of DC brushless screwdrivers that are economical, very precise, highly durable and intelligent.

DC brushless screwdrivers are automatic electric screwdrivers that come in a compact size due to BLDC aerospace grade motor.  When the required torque is achieved, the power of the motor automatically shuts and it stops running. You can opt for both type of start options i.e a “trigger start” or the “push start”. These screwdrivers have almost no maintenance and can run for years without any maintenance.

These Electric screwdrivers are high performance and low voltage devices that produce absolutely no carbon dust, do not generate heat, produce very low noise and are durable. These DC brushless screwdrivers produce very low vibrations, are low in weight. All these features give very low fatigue to operators and increase their efficiency.

Specifications of DC Brushless Electric Screwdriver

 The new intelligent technology allows the DC brushless electric screwdriver to be programmed for number of screws to be tightened in each job and indicate to the operator whether the screws have been tightened correctly or not. You do not need a separate display as the screwdrivers already have display to communicate with users. Even some models can have soft start and stop, can count the number of turns and have many features to ensure perfect screwing every-time.

The torque range for these screwdrivers range from 0.2 kgf-cm to 350 kfg-cm depending of the model you choose. Models with true range of 0.2 kgf-cm to 19 kgf-cm are used in mobile phones, LED Lighting, LED TV, household appliances, toys, kitchen appliances, and general electronics assembly operations. The other power range of DC brushless screwdrivers unto 50kgf-cm is used in the assembly process of telecom, solar panels, etc. The heavy range of these screwdrivers that have higher torque ranges are utilized in the automotive industry, defense/ ordinance, and aerospace industry.

Torque adjustment is quite easy and effortless and can be done by just rotating the torque adjustment ring from left to right. Also the forward and reverse switch makes it easy to use and allows single-handed operations.

Assembling crucial devices like vehicles, artillery, aerospace, and telecom requires high precision, hence they come with a fixture function, it joins with the IR opt couplers and its LED warning mechanism makes it highly precise. There is no chance of any error and makes it capable of making smart decisions.