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     SonoFlux 2000F
Designed for high volume operations using rosin flux
Sono-Tek's 2000F spray fluxing system was designed and developed for those manufacturers who run high volume dedicated lines, with the ability to run all flux types (including high solids rosin).
The SonoFlux 2000F system has many integrated features:
  • Only a monthly clean up, even with rosin flux
  • High velocity flux transfer for maximum top-side fill
  • Uniform coverage
  • Reduction in flux consumption up to 80%
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic design
  • Elimination of thinner
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Compatibility with all fluxes
  • Deposition density control micrograms/inch
The 2000F is designed with a high transfer efficiency spray assembly and a closed spray chamber, to capture any rosin flux vapor in the environment.The system can either be installed internally in your wave solder machine, or can be available as a stand-alone unit, both with a variety of optional features
Low maintenance and no operator intervention, are the primary features of the SonoFlux 2000F. Only a monthly cleaning is necessary (even with sticky rosin flux).
The system is also equipped with a high velocity flux transfer system, to help with PCBs that have difficulty with topside fill, such as those with thick back planes, tight lead-to-hole ratios, or contaminated components.
Industry Proven - SonoFlux spray fluxing systems, with a stationary, non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle and spray dispensing mechanism have been proven in thousands of industrial PCB fluxing applications worldwide.The SonoFlux 2000F system contains a wide array of features,making it a powerful production tool capable of full automation.
Versatile Electronic Control - The SonoFlux system incorporates an expandable, programmable controller, which monitors and controls all system functions. Fluxing parameters are easily changed using a user-friendly operator keypad and LCD display.
Flux Application - Flux is supplied from a closed reservoir by a positive displacement gear pump.The unpressurized flux reservoir (no air/nitrogen required) includes both a filter and a level sensor to protect the pump and alert the operator to a low flux level condition.The flux is atomized into a fine mist at the tip of the non-clogging, large-orifice ultrasonic nozzle where it is then dispersed uniformly by two high velocity air jets.
Fastest Payback - In many installations, SonoFlux systems have a reduced flux consumption by up to 80% as well as reducing solder defects by a similar percentage. Compared to foam fluxing, additional savings are achieved by the elimination of thinner and titration checks, as well as reduced waste disposal costs.
Service and Support - Sono-Tek Corporation prides itself on offering technical support second to none.North American based service personnel and international distributors with factory trained technicians provide this high standard of service throughout the world.
Sono-Tek is one of the originators of spray fluxing technology. As the needs of the industry have changed, we have continued our commitment to leadership through state-of-the-art design and unsurpassed customer service
General Specifications :
Fluxer Type : Stationary ultrasonic nozzle with air-operated spray dispersion assembly
Construction : Stainless steel, titanium, Teflon®, polypropylene, Delrin®, Ryton® (flux wetted materials)
Controller : PLC with NVRAM
Analog Channels : Up to 8 with 12-bit resolution
Display : Backlit LCD (4 x 40)
Flux Types : RMA, RA, Alcohol-based low solids, OA, VOC-free
PCB Width Range : 2-13 inches (50-330 mm) or 2-24 inches (50-610 mm)
Flux Deposition Range : 300 - 2500 ug/in2 (for typical no-clean fluxes)
Deposition Uniformity : ± 5%
Deposition Repeatability : ± 2%
Teflon®, Kalrez® and Delrin® are registered trademarks of E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Company; Ryton® is a registered trademark of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Specifications may change without notice.
Service Requirements :
Line Power : 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Single phase, 750 VA max
Compressed Air : Clean, dry and oil-free
Supply Pressure : 70 - 150 psi (480 - 1000 kPa)
Capacity : 3 cfm
Exhaust : 300 cfm minimum, 600 cfm recommended
System Enhancements and Options
Enhancements :
 Programmable operation
 Titanium Spray Assembly
 Stand-alone enclosure
 Chain/Tab conveyor
Options :
 Dual Flux Capability
 Stainless steel reservoir with filter and level sensor
 Three-position light tower
 Emergency OFF function interface to wave solder machine
 Flame detector module
 Calibration kit
 1500 recipe storage capability
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