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    Super Swash
Automatic spray cleaning system for stencil, misprint, PCB defluxing and other fine cleaning.
  • High-pressure spray directly against surface with maximized effect of cleaning under low stand-off components.
  • Thanks to extremely high cleaning efficiency it shows shortest process time and minimized media consumption.
  • Parallelly travelling manifolds with programmable travel distance assures uniform cleaning force along the space and very balanced hydraulic forces from the jet nozzles. This enables to clean even extremely thin stencil without risk of damaging stencil structures and unwanted elastic zone releasing (this often being a problem of rotational arms).
  • 3 - 4 stage process with reclaim of all media in the machine
  • Machine can be configured as a totally closed system w/o continuous wastes.
  • Special configuration of hot air drying system is effective and energy-saving.
Product Description - SUPER SWASH
SUPER SWASH is designed for highest capacity and lowest process costs demands in metal and plastic stencil cleaning. It was successfully proven in several big EMS plants.

Thanks to extremely high cleaning efficiency it is possible to apply this equipment for high-density misprint and PCB cleaning after soldering.

SUPER SWASH can run with only one cleaning agent for simultaneous cleaning of stencil, misprint and PCB defluxing. It is especially suitable for small high-tech companies like the only one, universal fine cleaning system for difficult cleaning task.

SUPER SWASH can be applied also for solder pallet cleaning. The high pressure spray system is capable to clean even fully synthetic flux contamination. Hot air knife drying is capable to dry effectively also older pallet with it's lower face with damaged fibre structure. Rest moisture in such pallets causes further cracking of the lower face of the pallet during it's run on the solder wave and substantially shortens it's lifetime.

Patent-protected configuration of the process chamber assures minimal consumption of cleaning media and energy, easy and ergonomic loading and easy visual control of proper process parameters setting. Front glass doors and light wall enables to check aperture and result of via cleaning even if PCB and stencil is still in the chamber.

Patent-protected through-wall bushing keeps all energy and media transport short, thus effective with minimal unwanted lost.

Drying by means of hot air knife reaches temperatures up to 120 °C, while chamber itselves remains cold. This shortens the drying process substantially.

Machine is controlled by means of PC, under WINDOWS 7, interface is a colour touch screen.

Control system includes all process parameters, main processes are adaptively controlled with automatic correction of cleaning times upon the cleaning and rinsing media parameters. The prescribed cleaning quality is always reached and monitored.

Optionally, the traceability software and cleaning protocol can be provided by the system.

SUPER SWASH is an equipment which was designed by using not only mathematic simulations, but also a special test methods for non-destructive measuring of rest contamination under components. Such methods enables to evaluate exactly the efficiency of cleaning.
In such a way, a system with unique low total cost of ownership was created.
Detailed calculation of total cleaning costs can be submitted on demand.
Technical parameters - SUPER SWASH
Maximum dimension of object to be cleaned L x W x H 815 x 75 x 780 mm
Cleaning agent volume 57 - 70 liters
DI water rinsing tank volume Super SWASH II 70 Liters
Water + DI water rinsing tank volume Super SWASH III 57 + 42 liters
Temperature of cleaning max.60 C
Temperature of rinsing max.40 C
Temperature of drying max.120 C
Typing cycle time (depends on application) washing: 3-5 min / rinsing: 2 min/drying: 5 - 10 min
Control system industrial PC, WINDOWS 7
Software language version English, German, Czech (other on request )
Main power supply; protection; plug 400 V, 50 Hz (3+N+PE); 32 A; EU 32 A
Installed power (depending on configuration) 12 - 20 kVA
Power consumption during operation (average) 5 kW
Compressed air supply pressure; consumption 0.6 - 0.8 MPa; 1 l/min
Exhaust capacity; port diameter 200 m3/hr; 100 mm
Weight of empty machine ( depending on configuration) 500 - 620 Kg
Product Photography - Super SWASH
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