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    I Magic

The I-Magic Counter is a must-have for companies that produce, buy, sell or use components in PCB assembly. With setup taking just seconds, it will count taped SMDs as well as axial or radial components ranging from 8mm to 72mm. Once preset quantity has been set, the machine becomes self operating with auto shut off and beeper notification taking place when the targeted quantity has been reached. An invaluable option is the I-Magic's "Pocket Check" that halts the machine and signals the operator whenever a missing part is detected. Included is an RS-232c port that links to optional bar code printer to record inventory data and company identification on adhesive labels.

I-MAGIC Component Counter Features
  • Counts Taped SMDs from 8 mm to 72 mm as well as Axial and Radial Components with Minimal Changeover.
  • Equipped with Stepping Motor for Seamless Counting of 5,000 parts in 30 to 40 Seconds.
  • Beeper Automatically Sounds when Targeted Pre-Set Quantity is Reached.
  • Optional Pocket Check Detects Missing Components.
  • Exclusive Auto Alignment Eliminates Setup Time.
  • RS-232c Port Included for Connection to Optional Adhesive Label Bar Code Printer that Outputs Company Name, Date / Time, and Quantity.
  • Foot Control Port Provided for Optional Foot Remote Switch.
  • Count Quantity & Label Print Memory Modes.
  • Long-Life Rechargeable Battery with Power-Saving Sleep Mode.
More Info
Set up SMDs in 3 easy steps! Put the SMD adapter on the unit and tighten the nut. Insert SMD tape on the right side of the counter and pull it through the SMD adapter to the left reel. Adjust the number of holes per SMD using the digital control panel.

Switch from Axial to Radial Components in No Time! To switch to axial and radial components, simply remove the SMD adapter and adjust the width of the guide bracket.

I-MAGIC Makes It Easy to Count Out a Specified Quantity When counting to a preset number of components, an alarm will sound when targeted count is reached. Use the tape marker to mark the tape for cutting.

I-MAGIC is the Go- Anywhere Counter With its carrying handle and rechargeable battery, the I-MAGIC can be conveniently used anywhere in your facility, from storeroom to production floor, or anywhere parts counting will take place.

I-MAGIC Parts Counter - Specifications
Power Source Motorized
Component Types SMDs, Axials & Radials
Features Top line counter with numerous options
Adapter for 01005 chips Optional
Pocket Check
detects missing parts
RS-232c Port Yes
Count Qty. Memory Yes
Auto Alignment Yes
Date/Time Set Yes
Foot Control Port Yes
Quantity Preset Yes
Count Time
for 5,000 Parts
30 - 40 secs.
Bi-Directional Counting L to R std.
R to L Optional
SMD Pitch Setting Yes
Reel Sizes 7" & 13"
Max. Reel Width Up to 72mm component
Count Range 99,999
Co. Name on Printouts Yes
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Anti-static Plug & Connector Yes
110-220V / 50-60Hz Switching Yes
DC Adapter Yes
Bar Code Printer Optional
Dimensions 800 W x 270 D 100mm H (31.5" x 10.5" x 4")
Weight 8.3 Kg (18.3 lbs.)
Warranty 2 years
Alarm Audible, when preset quantity is reached
Power AC 110V(60Hz) Optional: AC 220V(50Hz)
Rechargeable Battery Charge 48 hours before first use. Charge time thereafter is 12 hours. Operating intervals between charges is ~ 20 hours
Ribbon Printer (optional) Label 2.36" W x .67" L (60 x 17mm)
I-Magic Counter accommodates SMD parts.
...Radial parts as well can be tallied with total accuracy. ...Axial parts as well can be tallied with total accuracy.
Bar Code Printer - Count, Part #, Date, Co. Name Optional "Pocket Check" sensor recognizes vacancies in tape, signifying missing parts. Counting is then halted as beeper sounds. Different tape width adjustment for missing part dector on optional pocket check
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