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   Metcal QX2 Rework System
Staying ahead of developments in SMT
Metcal changed rework with the introduction of SmartHeat ® Technology which minimizes process variability and sets new standards for ergonomic design and ease-of-use. For years, Metcal users have been realizing significant increases in throughput, process control and scrap rates.
QX2 Convection Rework System
With today's large, high pin-count, fine-pitch components and multilayer boards, convection systems have become increasingly necessary. Convection systems heat all leads simultaneously, ensuring even reflow. Gentle temperature rise rates protect boards and components. There is no direct mechanical contact on the leads, so the risk of pad damage is minimal and components can be easily salvaged for reuse. Because a wide variety of components can be accomodated by a simple nozzle change, convection systems are potentially very flexible.
A new approach to convection
QX2 in Action
QX2 Panel
QX2 Tray
QX2 Holder
QX2 Nozzles
From the moment you take it out of the box, you know the QX2 is like no other convection system. Set-up is fast and easy, requiring no special tools, fixturing, or testing.
Unlike conventional convection systems, the Metcal QX2 provides simplified controls and automation, reducing operator training requirements. The system controller is moveable to suit your preferences and simplifies operation with its push-button configuration.
The need for shielding is minimized through the use of focused convection nozzles, which direct heat exactly where it is needed. Nozzles can be changed in seconds with a simple quick-release system. An easy-to-use underboard preheater is available to evenly heat boards and prevent warping during the rework of large components and multilayered boards.
To maintain greater process control, the heater exhaust temperature is held constant. The temperature setpoint is low to minimize thermal stress. Should it be necessary to change the setpoint to accomodate process changes, such as new soldering alloys, the QX2 incorporates a lockout code allowing authorized personnel to reprogram it.
To vary heating all that is required is that the airflow level be adjusted. This makes optimizing heat delivery very simple.
During the removal cycle, the vacuum pick-up automatically lifts the component from the board when the solder reflows, and then shuts off the heat. The time used in the removal cycle is stored and displayed as a guide for establishing the minimum time to reattach a similar component.
Never before has convection rework been so safe, fast, and easy.
QX2 System Elements and Functions
Power Supply
The power supply unit provides airflow, vacuum, and heat, and forms the main base unit of the system.
Heater head assembly
Integrated with the frame, the heater head assembly allows controlled vertical movement, and includes the heater and the vacuum pickup.
Z-axis knob
The Z-axis knob provides fine vertical adjustment of the heater head over the PCB.
Theta rotation and nozzle release lever
The theta rotation and nozzle release lever allows you to adjust the angle of the nozzle around the Z-axis, to enable the nozzle to be exactly aligned with the component and leads. Pushing the lever past its stop actuates the nozzle release mechanism, allowing nozzles to be changed easily.
A selection of nozzles is available for the QX2 that permit a large range of components to be reworked. Focused convection nozzles, rather than box nozzles, direct hot air only at the leads, where it is required.
Remote controller
The controller provides the main interface between you and the QX2. It can be moved to suit your needs.
Airflow selector
The airflow selector determines the rate at which thermal energy is transferred to the component.
Temperature display
Displays the temperature of the heater exhaust or the temperature measured by an auxiliary thermocouple in either °C or °F. The heater exhaust temperature is preset at 350°C and may be reset by the process engineer to anywhere between 250°C and 450°C by entering an unlock code.
Mode selector
By turning the mode selector ring, the user selects attach mode or remove mode.
Remove mode
This mode activates the vacuum pickup, which applies about 3 oz. of upward force to the component. When component liftoff is sensed, the heater is automatically turned off.
Attach mode
This mode reflows a new component to the PCB. By adjusting the time stored in Remove mode with the ± Keys, you can ensure an appropriate reflow time, which may be adjusted on the fly if desired.
By counting up during removal and down during attachment, the timer removes a source of subjective guesswork from the rework process.
Start/Stop button
Pressing the Start/Stop button initiates or ends the remove or attach cycle. In remove mode, stopping the cycle also shuts off the vacuum, to release components after liftoff.
Work tray
This unit provides a working surface of the correct height for the PCB when the optional board holder is not in use. The underboard preheater cannot be used with the worktray. The worktray can also be used to store nozzles.
Board holder
The board holder can accomodate PCBs in a size range from 2" x 2" to 14" x 18". It is self-centering, and the spring clips can be moved along their rails to hold the board securely, with minimal force. It also allows use of the preheater.
This forced convection heater has a 6" x 6" heating surface, providing a 2°C/cm temperature gradient. The temperature is preset at 180°C, and is not adjustable, to protect the board and components from possible overheating.
Airflow control
This controls the amount of power applied to the work. Four settings give a range from 150-950W, to yield a board temperature range of 90-120°C.
Start/Stop button
The preheater connects to the QX2 via a control cable to enable automatic operation during removal and reattachment. For use without the QX2, or if underboard heating is not needed, the manual Start/Stop button can switch the preheater on or off.
Removal tool
The removal tool has a spring clip which assists in safe removal of hot nozzles. The other side is a tray for catching hot components after removal.
QX2 Features
Vacuum Self Contained
Movable controller with:
  • Start/Stop button
  • Airflow control
  • Time control
  • LCD display
  • Remove/Attach control
  • Component Removal Automatic lift off and heater shutoff
    Component Attachment Manual, Timer controlled
    Nozzle Attachment/Removal Push on, quick release
    Other Auxiliary thermocouple port for component/board temperature monitoring
    System Packages
    System Packages
    Part Number Description
    QX2-S-11 115V Convection Rework System
    QX2-SBH-11 115V Convection Rework System with Board Holder
    QX2-SBP-11 115V Convection Rework System with Board Holder & Pre-Heater
    QX2-S-21 230V Convection Rework System
    QX2-SBH-21 230V Convection Rework System with Board Holder
    QX2-SBP-21 230V Convection Rework System with Board Holder & Pre-Heater
    Individual Parts Included With 115V Convection Rework System
    Part Number Description
    QX2-P-11 Power Supply, 115V
    QX2-CT QX2 Controller
    AC-WT Work Tray
    AC-RP Nozzle Removal Pad
    AC-CC1 QX2 Controller Cable
    AC-CC2 Pre-Heater Control Cable
    AC-VC Vacuum Cup Kit
    Individual Parts Included With 230V Convection Rework System
    Part Number Description
    QX2-P-21 Power Supply, 230V
    QX2-CT QX2 Controller
    AC-WT Work Tray
    AC-RP Nozzle Removal Pad
    AC-CC1 QX2 Controller Cable
    AC-CC2 Pre-Heater Control Cable
    AC-VC Vacuum Cup Kit
    QX2 Nozzles
    Metcal has a comprehensive range of nozzles for use with the QX2. For non-standard components, we offer a custom nozzle program. Please contact your Metcal Representative for more information about custom nozzles.
    Standard Nozzle Range
    Part Number Component types Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) List Price $
    NZ-D1113 Nozzle Dual SOL 20 11 13 N/A
    NZ-D1116 Nozzle Dual SOL 28 11 16 N/A
    NZ-D1420 Nozzle Dual TSOP 24-28, 40-44 14 20 N/A
    NZ-D2109 Nozzle Dual TSOP 28-32 21 09 N/A
    NZ-D2113 Nozzle Dual TSOP 48 21 13 N/A
    NZ-Q11 Nozzle Quad PLCC 20 11 11 N/A
    NZ-Q13 Nozzle Quad PLCC 28 13 13 N/A
    NZ-Q1415 Nozzle Quad PLCC 32 14 15 N/A
    NZ-Q17 Nozzle Quad QFP 44 17 17 N/A
    NZ-Q18 Nozzle Quad QFP 80 18 18 N/A
    NZ-Q19 Nozzle Quad PLCC 44 19 19 N/A
    NZ-Q1925 Nozzle Quad QFP 100 19 25 N/A
    NZ-Q22 Nozzle Quad PLCC 52 22 22 N/A
    NZ-Q23 Nozzle Quad BQFP 100 23 23 N/A
    NZ-Q27 Nozzle Quad PLCC 68 27 27 N/A
    NZ-Q28 Nozzle Quad BQFP 132 28 28 N/A
    NZ-Q32 Nozzle Quad PLCC 84, QFP 208 32 32 N/A
    NZ-Q33 Nozzle Quad QFP 120/128/144/160 33 33 N/A
    NZ-Q35 Nozzle Quad QFP 240 35 35 N/A
    NZ-Q38 Nozzle Quad BQFP 196 38 38 N/A
    NZ-Q43 Nozzle Quad QFP 304 43 43 N/A
    Box Reflow Nozzles
    In addittion to our standar nozzles, we offer a range of "box reflow nozzles" designed for removal shielding cans, connectors and BGA components.
    Part Number Description Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) List Price $
    NZ-B23 Nozzle Box reflow 23 23 N/A
    NZ-B27 Nozzle Box reflow 27 27 N/A
    NZ-B33 Nozzle Box reflow 33 33 N/A
    NZ-B35 Nozzle Box reflow 35 35 N/A
    NZ-B40 Nozzle Box reflow 40 40 N/A
    NZ-B44 Nozzle Box reflow 44 44 N/A
    QX2 Accessories
    The following accessories are available for use with the QX2 Convection Rework System:
    Description Model
    Board Holder AC-BH
    Board Holder/Preheater Kit 115v AC-BP-11
    Board Holder/Preheater Kit, 230v AC-BP-21
    Preheater, 115v AC-PH-11
    Preheater, 230v AC-PH-21
    QX2 Controller Cable AC-CC1
    Preheater Control Cable AC-CC2
    Power Cord, 115v AC-PC1
    Board Support AC-BS
    Nozzle Removal Pad AC-RP
    Vacuum Cup Kit AC-VC
    Work Tray AC-WT
    QX2 Controller QX2-CT
    Theta Lever for QX2 QX2-NL
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