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APR Series Advanced Package Rework Systems :
The APR-5000 Series Array Package Rework Systems (BGA Rework Systems) that incorporate state-of-the-art vision, and closed-loop time, temperature and airflow control. Precision placement and powerful software make the rework of complex array packages easy, fast and reliable.
Economical and easy-to-use, the APR-5000 Series Array Package Rework Systems uses OK International's BGA rework technology to deliver best-in-class BGA/CSP functionality with professional performance at an affordable price. All machines incorporate the ideal combination of hardware features and automated software necessary for reworking today's array packages.
Closed-loop, computer-controlled time, temperature and airflow parameters provide process control and repeatability. Easy-to-program software manages the five stages of the reflow profile: pre-heat, soak, ramp, reflow and cooling. In addition, board temperature can be monitored using integrated flying thermocouples. Real-time adjustments can be made to all parameters while the profile is running.
To help guarantee uniformity and higher process yields, the APR-5000 Series employs a single reflow/placement head that moves to the correct position for rework, allowing the PCB to remain stationary during the process. Plus, the PCB is centralized relative to the pre-heaters to provide superior uniformity of PCB temperature during rework.
The enhanced software is instructive and intuitive, walking the engineer through the steps of process development and then instructing the operator to ensure consistent, repeatable execution of the automatic profile functions.
Lead-Free Compatible :
As the implementation of lead-free assemblies intensifies, the APR-5000 Array Package Rework Systems have the power, size and sophistication to meet the required higher, cost-sensitive performance criteria.
The innovative 240°C by 250°C single reflow/placement head design helps achieve a consistent, tight Delta T across the board and the component. Thermal damage is precluded due to the system's precisely controlled pre-heaters; lead-free profiles can be quickly developed via the system's five thermocouples; and closed-loop, computer controls and intuitive software help operators maintain the ideal process from start to finish
The APR-5000 Array Package Rework Systems provide full convection in both reflow heater and pre-heaters to provide fast ramp and precise peak reflow temperature without thermal damage to sensitive components unsuitable for heating above 240°C. And with four heating zones and one cooling zone, the precise profiles needed for successful soldering/desoldering of lead-free packages are easily delivered.
APR-5000-DZ Array Package Rework System
This latest addition to the APR-5000 Platform is designed to facilitate rework of high thermal demand boards...
APR-5000-XLS Array Package Rework System
APR-5000-XLS provides large board capability with small board precision.
A comprehensive range of accessories available to suit the most common array packages available.
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