Heraeus – Lead Containing Solder Paste
  Heraeus – Lead Free Solder Pastes
  Heraeus – SMT Adhesive-Dispensing
  Heraeus – SMT Adhesive-Printing
  Zestron – Cleaning Chemicals
  Zestron – Bath Control Systems
  Humiseal – Conformal Coatings
  KIC – Thermal Profiler
  KHJ – Splice Tapes, Clips and Tools
  KHJ – Underside Cleaning Rolls, Wipes
  IDENTCO - Labels for Life
  Metcal – Hand Soldering, Rework & fume                   extraction Systems
  Monarch - Soldering Station
  Sudong – Electric Screwdriver
  Bosung – Nozzles & Nozzle cleaning Machines
  Techcon – Dispensing Robot, Controller &                      consumable
  Tronex-Cutters & Pliers
  Circuitmedic – Repair Kits for Circuit Boards
  ESD – Anti static & General products
  BGA Rework Station
  Pick & Place Machine
  Pick & Place Machine Table Top
  Reflow Oven
  Profiling Equipments
  Pcb/Stencil Cleaning Machines
  Wave Soldering Machine
  Solder Dross Recovery System
  Spray Fluxer
  Automatic Optical Inspection
  Flexia Bga Inspection System
  X-Ray Inspection
  Screw Driving Robots
  Dry Cabinets
  SMD Smart Counter
  More Equipments
  General Consumbales
    Home - Products
    EVS International
EVS International operates a dedicated support service to the electronics industry. In addition to supplying a wide range of products used in the manufacture of electronic products, EVS International also develops and manufactures environmentally friendly and innovative solutions to production problems. EVS International works closely with its customers so that a complete understanding of manufacturing requirements results in a support service, tailored to shop floor requirements. This has led to new EVS International innovative product designs such as the Solder Recovery System.
EVS 1000 (5kg/11lbs)
The EVS 1000 is a smaller, lighter version of the popular EVS 7000/9000,
EVS 7000 / EVS 9000 (20kg/40lbs)
The new EVS 7000 and the new EVS 9000 are a culmination of this process ...
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