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EPS - Fifteen years after its inception, eps worldwide turned into leader in manufacturing of high-tech production machines and systems. Our state-of-art machines and system designed and developed for the worldwide electronic industry are on par with the highest International Standards.
Years of rich experience in the fi1eld have given the confidence to develop our own software and hardware. Most of the credit for the success of eps goes to our strong and commited R & D team, who has been instrumental in developing executing challenges for modern emerging technologies like lead-free soldering.
 Wave Soldering Machine :
Manufactures a range of machines for al1l lead and lead-free wave soldering applications from benchtop to high production floor models, with solder wave configurations from 7 to 24 inches (180mm to 609.6mm) wide.
  • Lead or Lead-Free solder compatibility
  • Single or dual wave soldering capability
  • Flexibility with quick change, motorized lead or lead-free solder pots
  • Increase through hole soldering speed with dual wave soldering capability
You can compare up to three products within a single category. Choose from the following:
 Medium to High Volume
 14FS Single and 14FD Dual Wave Solder Machines
 18FS Single and 18FD Dual Wave Solder Machines
 24FS Single and 24FD Dual Wave Solder Machines
 Low to Medium Volume
 WSM 180 Wave Soldering Machines
 WSM 300 Single and Dual Wave Soldering Machines
 WSM 310 Wave Soldering Machine
 Solder Fountain
 Miniwave Soldering System
 Selective Soldering Machine :
 ESS 300
 ESS 500
 Reflow Ovens :
EPS makes a revolutionary reflow oven for the SMT market, designed with patented Horizontal Convection technology* for even heating across the entire face of the PCB. Models range from a traditional benchtop solder reflow oven to batch ovens to automatic floor style systems. Also selections for reflow soldering using hot plates and vapor phase ovens are located here.
Floor Mounted
 RF500 Conveyor Reflow Oven
Table Top
 RF300 Conveyor Reflow Oven
 Conformal Coating :
Selectcoat-450 Multi-Axis Coating System provides a reliable robotic conformal coating application.....
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